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Ciao Bello Leather

Leather handbags, purses and wallets as unique as you and all handmade USA

About Us

The founder


Malaika Dixon is a European artist, world traveler and wife to an authentic cowboy. In 2016 she dropped out of her last year of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy to move across the sea for life's absolute greatest adventure; love

The USA opened her eyes to new passions. Cattle, horses and the American ranch life made her feel meaningful and at home. However, Malaika stays a true European that loves to wine and dine, leaving her slightly homesick to the romantic, historical European cities.

Our brand name


This brand arose from passion for leather, homesickness to Europe and an unconditional love for her husband. When AJ and Malaika still lived a sea apart a phonecall was as close as they could get. With eight hours in time difference even this was nearly impossible. Times were hard but the love grew strong and at the end of every phone call and every letter she wrote she would tell him 'Ciao Bello'. Meaning goodbye beautiful man. As an ode to her husband and a reminder to other women to keep flirting with tomorrow Ciao Bello earned its name.

Inspiration from the past


Her new passion for leather and the old memories of these incredible European cities were the inspiration for Ciao Bello. Every bag is named after one of Malaika's favorite European cities and designed in the character of these special places back in Europe. When you send one of these products to your doorstep you'll find a little tag attached explaining the sources of inspiration.

Our Models



My gorgeous niece. She is still in school and always in for some goofy time with her aunt and uncle although I must say she feels more like a sister than a little niece!



My best friend and hilarious sister. This beauty is a travel agent and master of pranks. Even though we live an ocean apart she still gets me cracked up almost every day. Absolutely priceless!



The most talented part of our family and my baby sister. We are kinda green of jealousy that she inherited all the good looks but it comes with a heart of gold.. and a little attitude of course!